LAM 9600, TCP Metal Etch System

LAM 9600, TCP Metal Etch System

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  • Refurbished with installation and warranty
  • System can be reconfigured to match Customer specifications.
  • Can convert to 6 or 8 system


LAM 9600, TCP Metal Etch System

Mounting Bulkhead
Wafer Size 200 MM
Software Envision 1.52
Indexers HINE
AC Box -001
Gas Box Orbital Welded
Clamping ESC
Backside Helium Closed Loop
Generator 3 RFG 1250
RF Match Upper TCP, Lower Mini Match, DSQ Match
Turbo SEKO SEKI 1000L
Turbo Controller SEKI SEKI STP
VAT Gate VAT 65
VAT Controller PM-7
Endpoint Dual Endpoint 703nm and 520nm
DSQ Hinged
WVDS Auto Fill
APM Standard
MFCs Unit 1660

Gas Config:

Gas 1 CL2 200
Gas 2 BCL3 100
Gas 3 SF6 100
Gas 4 N2 50
Gas 5 N2 1000
Gas 6 Ar 1000
Gas 7 O2 1000
Gas 8 CF4 200
Gas 9 H20 500


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