WOMAN OWNED BUSINESS We provide repair and refurbishment services
for the semiconductor industry.
REFURBISHED CAPITAL EQUIPMENT CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR EQUIPMENT SEE OUR INVENTORY The employees of JTM are deeply saddened as we say good-bye to a friend and employee, Mario Rojas.

Mario worked at Texas Instruments in both Lubbock and Dallas and at High Tech Services before joining us at JTM.

He proudly served in the Navy during Vietnam. He was a very talented artist and craftsman in both woodworking and metal working. If you knew Mario you knew one of his proudest pieces of work is the welding he did on the Phoenix Lander that was sent to Mars. As put so eloquently by Lowell Dodge,, “after we’re all gone, after the last trace of humanity is long gone, Mario’s welded chamber will still be sitting there, where Curiosity Rover sent it’s last photo.”

Our prayers and heartfelt sympathies are extended to his family. He will be greatly missed.


JTM Technologies is dedicated to the continuous improvement and cost-reduction efforts of our customers by providing innovative products and services. JTM Technologies, Inc. is a woman-owned business which currently provides repair and refurbishment services on capital equipment and its sub-assemblies for the semiconductor industry.

These include TCUs, mechanical assemblies, matches, generators, and PCBs. JTM also provides on-site technical support services and refurbishes, installs and sells capital equipment tools worldwide.

JTM Technologies


JTM not only refurbishes and installs capital equipment but can assist in finding the right equipment needed to fill the need.

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JTM Technologies

Spare Parts

JTM Technologies maintains an inventory of spare parts that are made available to our customers at significant cost reduction.

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JTM Technologies


JTM offers repair and refurbishment services for a wide range of sub-assemblies including: RF matches and generators.

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Our JTM Engineers, who together share a combined experience in the industry of over 150 years, can provide services for all of your maintenance requirements.

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JTM Technologies has developed integrative upgrades and compatible requirements for OEM parts, including heated paddles, electrodes, computer,and monitor upgrades.

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JTM Technologies


JTM Technologies provides custom welding, weldment repair, and metal fabrication services to our customers.

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